Cold Shrinkable Joints Upto 36Kv


Manufacturer & Exporter of Drop out fuses upto 36 kV & DO Fuses (Drop Out Fuses) upto 36 kV. Our product range also comprises of Composite Polymeric Insulators upto 66 kV, Cold Shrinkable Terminations upto 36 kV and Polymeric GOAB Switches upto 36 kV.

We have been considering the sweet choice & desire of our valued customers for their choicest cold shrink concept of terminating & splicing LV & MV cables. As a result of continued efforts & research by the team of associates at the company a unique silicone elastomeric formulation have been evolved including the process development overcoming a number of technical challenges to successfully develop "IN-HOUSE" indigenous technology of cold shrinkable at Thenergie.


Thenergie offers a cold shrink system for indoor applications for voltages upto 36kv (7.2kv to 36kv) for PVC/XLPE/PILC cables. The components are manufactured from silicone rubber which have been specially formulated to meet & even exceed the properties required for MV terminations. Cold shrink type termination products are designed to make the installation of medium voltage cable accessories as simples, as possible. Manufactured from specially formulated silicone elastomeric rubber compound and mounted on a removable spiral type plastic card, which can be easily positioned & fitted in seconds without the need of heat and naked flame which normally involve gas torche, blow lamp and gas cylinder etc on site. No special tools are required to fix & install cold shrink components.



Cold Shrink Straight Through Joint Upto 36Kv (7.2Kv to 36Kv) 


The straight through cold shrinkable concept of splicing is a most reliable system which consists of a unique mechanism having electrical & stress relief system inbuilt. The full splicing requirements are fulfilled in "one go". It is a very quick system for having 100% fool proof system.

Technical specifications of cold shrinkable straight through joints




TYPE 8.7/15KV

50Hz Voltage test

39KV, 5min, no flashover, no strite

Partial discharge test

15KV < 1pc

Cyclic load test, 3 cycles

3 cycles under 90-95o C, 22kV

Impulse voltage test

95kV no flashover, no strike

15 min, 50 Hz voltage with standing test

22kV, 15 min, no flashover, no strike




12.7/24 kV

19.7/36 kV

65kV, 5 min, no flashover, no strite

91kV, 5 min, no flashover, no strite

25 kV < 1pc

35 kV < 2pc

3 cycles under 90-95oC, 36kV

3 cycles under 90-95oC, 51.5 kV

125kV no flashover, no strike

194 kV no flashover, no strike

36kV, 15 min, no flash over, no strike

51kV, 15 min, no flashover, no strike