Prepaid Energy Meters


Prepaid Energy Meter with Rdc Unit


Thenergie Brought a High Tech Product with the Launch of Its Model TH32 Stand Alone Prepaid Energy Meter. It is a Micro Process Based Intelligent Meter that Take Independent Decision By Itself for Controlling Max Demand and Low Balance Payments Accounts. It Makes Lan Communication Through Rs Port with Remote Rdc


Thenergie brought a high tech product with the launch of its model TH32 stand alone prepaid energy meter. It is a micro process based intelligent meter that take independent decision by itself for controlling max demand and low balance payments accounts. It makes LAN communication through Rs port with remote RDC. Meter gets recharged through RDC by feeding of coupons with the help of front panel key board of RDC unit. Meter transmits energy data, load details and payment details to RDC for display on its screen. Meter also sends alerts to RDC on overloading and on low balance in accounts. It trips the supply automatically in cases of either max demand crossed or inadequate balance in accounts. It gets re-set through RDC enabled switch. Meter also get emergency recharge through RDC based switch once on each recharge for a specified amount as desired by the user.



Prepaid Energy Meter with Centralized Control System

Thenergie Offers Model TH31 as a Dual Energy Meter with Centralized Prepaid System. It is a Three Phase, Lcd Based Dual Kwh Meter with Max Demand and Rs 485 Pot for Connecting to Pc Through Lan. the Energy Data Recorded from the Meters Can Be Feed to Pc Loaded with Our Utility Billing Software to Generate Monthly Billing. this Model Can also Be Used in Our Stand Alone Prepaid Systems