Van System 



Telemetrics make Van mounting cable fault locating system(cabel test van) is a basic requirement of any power distribution network company. It is a very power full tool to localize the underground cable fault of any nature in short time.

The system is a mobile laboratory having all types of required equipment available to the operator at a site. The van mounting cable fault locating system is a total solution for fault location in any type of cables.

In van system operator safety is a highest priority. Generally the van is divided in two sections, operator section and high voltage section. HV section is equipped with a proper safe guard such as door interlocks, earth monitoring system, auto discharge, and emergency off controls is provided on operating control panel. These safety controls is very important in any emergency to avoid any meager accident. 


After identifying the type of fault, pre-location of fault can be determined using the latest pre-location methods such TDR, SIM, ICM, MIM / Decay are provided in the system.


TDR / ECHO Method

A narrow electromagnetic pulse with a fast rise time is sent in the cable that reflects back from the fault point /far end where the impedance has changes. The VOP for each cable depending on the cable dielectric material is set. The distance to the fault is then computed automatically and displayed on pre-locator.


ICM Method

It is a current transient analysis method of pre-location of fault. During a breakdown or flashover at the fault, transient’s waves are generated that oscillate back to the source end which is utilized through a linear current coupler and stored and displayed on pre-locator.


SIM Method

It is an arc stabilizing mode, faults are stabilized by creating a temporary arc at the fault point through an arc reflection filter and reduce the resistance value of fault as short circuit, and displayed on prelocator with reference graph.


Decay Method

It is a voltage transient analysis method of pre-location of fault. Using DC voltage, at a fault point voltage transients are generated that oscillate back to the source end which is utilized through a voltage divider coupler and stored and displayed on pre-locator.


DC Test

Used to check the dielectric strength of insulation in the cable and prove the integrity to identify and confirm fault conditions with a test voltage up to 70 kV and a current of 10 mA. The over-current trip is provided for protection to the system under test in the event of the cable under test breaking down.


Pin - Point

Accurate pin-pointing of cable fault is carried out using surge wave tester with the help of surge wave receiver in acoustic method. The maximum output voltage of 32 kV in three selectable 8, 16 and 32 kV ranges with 2000 joules of energy.


Proof / Burn Test

Using the available DC high voltage of 70 kV with 60 mA outputs, the maximum current is applied for stabilizing the unstable cable faults for short period. This allows easier and quick pre-location and pinpointing of the unstable faults.



The cable fault locating van system is used to perform DC high pot/ burn/ proof test, pre-location of fault distance and pin-point of underground cable fault by acoustic method with the help of suitable surge wave receiver in power transmition and distribution networks or service provider companies.



The control unit is an integrated central operator inter-face for all operational modes and provides the monitoring of the system and the integrated safety facilities. It enables an easy and quick operation of the system, prevents operational errors and reduces the fault location time considerably. All necessary selection of equipment, switching and operations such as pre-locations, high voltage test, and pin-pointing is carried out on control panel.



Telemetrics gives highest priority to safety of operating personnel. The van system is divided in two section, operator section and HV section. HV section is equipped with proper safe guards such as door interlocks, earth monitoring system, auto discharge. Emergency off control is provided on control panel. External emergency off switch is provided to switch off in case of any emergency. Earth monitoring system is provided which trips the entire system in case of any dangerous high voltages (more than 35V) accumulated on van chassis during high voltage testing. Copper shielding is provided for good and proper earth in high voltage section.




Fast and precise cable fault location.


Modular test system with stand alone equipments and total test achievable from a single test station.


Customer choice for selection of single or three phase system.


All required test such as diagnosis of faults, route tracing, DC/burn/proof test, pre-location and pinpoint, cable identification are available.


Latest pre-location methods such as TDR, SIM/ARM, MIM, ICM and Decay are available.


Comprehensive safety measures for optimum safety of operator.


Cable test / proof test by means of DC voltage up to 70 kV.


Provision of PC and printer for data storage and hard copy of pre-location test result.


Optimized surge energy for switchable capacitors values for each range.


High surge energy of 2000 joules with 8, 16 & 32 kV max output for easy to pin-point cable faults.


Full output energy delivering capacity of surge generator on each selected range.


Continues operation for extended period in case of pin-pointing difficult cable faults.


Extended HV output up to 50 meters through heavy duty cable drum.


Safety earth monitoring system to provide operator safety.


Fully protected operation with safety interlocks.


Light weight, small, flexible receiver with high sensitive ground microphone for pin-point of cable fault.


High performance cable route tracing system available for tracing of underground power cables up to more than 10 km distance




Operating functions

Pre-location, DC/ Proof/ burn test, 
Arc reflection, 
Pin-point of fault, 
Route tracing, 
cable Identification.


Mains control panel (Manual operation) MCP


On/off switching

Manual Push switches



a) ON / OFF indication
b) Safety loop status indication
c) Input mains supply voltage analog meter indication



a) MCB protection for supply input
b) Emergency off


HV control panel (Manual operation) HVCP


HV Switching

Operation selection for 
a) SWT operation 
b)Pre location in TDR 
c) Pre location in SIM / ARC 
d) DC test


Surge Wave Tester SWT32D


Output Ranges

0-8, 16 and 32 kV selectable and continuously variable.


Energy Output

2000 Joules full Energy at each Range.


Impulse Mode

Single and Auto.


Auto impulse Sequence

1.5, 3, 6 Seconds intervals OR as per customer request.



a)On/off lamp indication.
b)Analog moving coil meter for output voltage (kV) Indication
c)Analog moving coil meter for mains input.



a) Variac Zero inter-lock. 
b) HV Switch inter-lock. 
c) Over Heat Protection.


Earth Discharge

Soft automatic discharge through in-built solenoid


Proof/Burn Test HVG70


DC Test Voltage

0-70 kV variable. 


Output Current

10 mA continuous.


Burn Current

50 mA for Short time



LED trip indication for current trip



a) Variac Zero inter-lock. 
b) HV Switch inter-lock. 
c) Over Heat Protection.


ARC Reflection Filter ARF2


Working surge voltage

32 kV max


Output surge Capacity

2000 Joules Max



Visual indication of ARM/SIM and SWT


Stabilization time

20 ms approx


Cable Fault Pre-locator TDR3000





Measuring Range

50 km


Measuring Range

50 Km max


Pulse width



Pulse Voltage



Velocity of wave

20…150 m/us


Measurement accuracy



Sampling rate

200 MHz


Input withstands voltage

400V, AC, 50/60Hz


Route Tracer system CRT50


Audio frequency Generator AFG50


Output power

5, 10, 25 and 50 watts selectable


Output frequency

480 Hz, 1450 Hz and 9820 Hz selectable


Impedance matching

From 0.5 to 1000 ohms selectable


Audio frequency Receiver AFR4


Power Supply

12 VDC (1.5 x 8 AA size Alkaline batteries)


Receiving frequency

a. Passive- 50 or 60 Hz
b. Active - 480 Hz, 1450 Hz, 9820 Hz selectable



More than 90 db



a) LCD bar- graph display with scale illumination 
b) Signal strength 
c) Battery status


Universal Search Coil SC4


Receiving frequency

50 / 480 Hz, 1450 Hz, 9820 Hz selectable


Axis of coil

Can be swiveled 45 deg / 90 deg


Extension of search coil

Telescope and adjustable



Peak & Null


Insulation Tester


Battery operated insulation tester: 5kV-100 M-ohms


Surge Wave Receiver SLE90


Working Supply voltage

1.5 V X 8 AA size batteries


Operating Time

More than 12 hrs. Continuous


Working Channels

Acoustic and magnetic


Acoustic Channel

Broad band filter 70 - 3000 Hz


Magnetic Channel

9820 Hz, +/- 10 Hz bandwidth filter



a) Dual LCD bar-graph display to indicate the levels of acoustic and magnetic channels 
b) Battery checks status. 
c) Peak hold signal level bar on LCD.



More than 96 dB for both magnetic and acoustic channels.


Input Impendence

500 Ohm for ground microphone


Output Impendence

500 Ohm for ground microphone



1.5 kg with batteries


Cable Identification System CI60S:


Cable Identification Transmitter PG 60S


Power Supply

220-240V AC, 50/60 Hz single phase / from built-in-accumulator with Internal charging supply


Impulse Voltage

36 V


Impulse Current

60 A


Impulse Sequence I

2.5 s


Impulse Sequence II

2.5 and 1 s alternating



a)Analog moving coil meter for output current. 
b) Charging Indication.
c) Power on indication. 
d)Low battery Indication


Operating Time

More than 10 Hrs. Continuous


Cable Identification Receiver PR6



6 stages manually selectable



Analog moving coil center zero Meter


Cable Identification Tong CT120


Internal Diameter

120 mm


Cable Drums


HV output cable

Single core 10 sq mm silicon co-axial HV cable 50 mtr length


Mains cable

2.5 Sq mm 250V, 3 core flexible PVC cable 50 mtr length


Earth cable

16 sq mm single flexible PVC copper cable 50 mtr length


Aux earth cable

6 sq mm single core flexible copper cable 10 mtr length


General Specifications


Power Supply

230V AC + 10%, 50 / 60 Hz single phase


Over load Protection

Mains circuit backer


Safety Protections

Variac Zero inter-lock for independent equipment.
HV Switch inter-lock for independent equipment.
Over heat protection for independent equipment.
External Emergency off switching.
Earth monitoring system.
Ground shielding with copper sheet to HV area.
Door Interlocks.

Operating Temperature

0oC to 55oC


Standard Accessories


Hard Discharge rod


Earth spike


Cooling fan


Spear set




Insulation tester


Instruction manual


Measuring Wheel


Standard Warranty - One Year