Surge Wave Receiver


Surge Wave Receiver SLE90



Surge Wave Receiver SLE90 is a highly sensitive equipment to exactly locate the fault point in a short time. It can be used on low, medium and high voltage power networks effectively.

The success of locating exact fault point on the underground cable depends on the search carried out on the lay of the cable. This calls for an indication to guide the operator to walk precisely on the cable route. The magnetic channel in dual LCD display indicates the strength of magnetic field on the ground surface. This helps the operator to reach the fault point in a short time. The acoustic sound is available at the fault point only. 

The ambient noise picked up by the ground microphone gives problem during pin-pointing the cable fault was avoid using mute operation.

Surge wave receiver offers the facility to opening the acoustic window for a short time at the arrival of magnetic signal and displays both magnetic and acoustic signal levels on dual LCD display. This offers noise free - operation and the fault is pin-pointed in short time.



It is used to pin-point underground cable faults in transmission and distribution power cable network in acoustic mode with the help of suitable surge tester.




For pinpointing of cable faults by acoustics and magnetic method.


Guides the operator to be walk on cable route while pinpointing the cable fault.


Dual channels LCD display denoting the signal strength of magnetic and acoustic signals.


Separate sensitivity and volume / level controls for magnetic and acoustic channels.


Indication of battery condition.


Back light facility for LCD display.


Automatic low battery indication on LCD display.


No external noise under mute operation.


Ambient noise protected headphone.


Perfect acoustic quality and noise immunity


Light weight, small and flexible receiver with high sensitive ground microphone.


Rugged construction and easy to carry on site.


Complete system is offered in a robust molded carrying case.


Working Principle

Surges of high voltage are passing in to the faulty cable through suitable surge tester; magnetic field is developed around the cable. 

When the ground microphone is kept perpendicular on the ground surface of underground cable, the magnetic channel will start to indicate the presence of magnetic signal and shows on LCD bar - graph and depending on the soil and fault condition, the noise and vibrations are received by it from a certain distance and the acoustic channel starts showing to its presence. When reached at fault point the acoustic bar-graph display is at its maximum level, hence achieved the pin-pointing of cable fault in the shortest possible time.



The surge wave receiver SLE90 is a sensitive amplifier circuit: It has two separate channels magnetic and acoustic. The acoustic channel is a wideband pass filter and the magnetic is a high frequency active filter. The main function of receiver is to amplify the signal which is received from the ground microphone and displayed it on LCD display. To adjust the level of amplification separate level control for magnetic and volume control for acoustic channels is provided on front





Power Supply

1.5 V X 8 AA size batteries


Operating Time

More than 15 hrs. Continuous


Working Channels

Acoustic and Magnetic


Acoustic Channel

Broad band filter 70 - 3000 Hz


Magnetic Channel

9820 Hz, + 10 Hz bandwidth filter



Dual LCD bar-graph display to indicate the levels of acoustic
and magnetic channels
Battery checks status
Peak hold signal level bar on LCD



More than 96 dB for both magnetic and acoustic channels


Input Impendence

500 Ohm for ground microphone


Output Impendence

500 Ohm for ground microphone


Operating Temperature

0oC ~ 55oC


Storage Temperature

- 5oC ~ 60oC



1.5 Kg with batteries



240 (L) x 80 (H) x 190 (D) mm


Standard Accessories


Ground microphone MIC-S




Connecting cable


Carrying stick


Carrying case


Standard Warranty - One Year

Other models available

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LV Surge Tester SWT 4 ( 2, 4 kV - 500 / 1000 Joules)


HV Surge Tester SWT 16 ( 4, 8,16 kV - 500 / 1000 Joules)


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