Soft Discharge Rod



Soft Discharge Rod is an insulated stick, usually made of fiberglass tubes, Fiber glass tube manufactured from high quality epoxy resin. Products manufactured in automatic pultrusion plant hence strong sturdy. Super smooth glossy finish prevents moisture and excellent dielectric strength.

The earthing discharge rod used by electric utility electrician or workers when engaged on live-line working on energized high-voltage electric power lines.

Soft Discharge Rods is manufactured in different lengths, from a few feet to few meters long length. The fiberglass provides electrical insulation; the discharge rod allows utility electrician or workers to safely perform operations on power lines without de-energizing them or while the state of the power line is not yet known. This is essential because certain operations (such as opening or closing combination fuse/switches) must occasionally be performed on an energized line.

The Earthing Discharge Rods not only electrically insulates the worker from the energized conductor; it provides physical separation from the device being operated, to reduce the chances of any fetal accident.



Soft discharge rod is a common safety device being use by electrician technician to discharge the cable or any other electrical device in power cable distribution network companies or any electrical service providers.


Working Principle

Unique design easy to assemble & easy to operate, equipped with rubber insulating ring to increase creep age distance from the high voltage point. Bottom provided with slip resistance rubber grip. High Voltage  soft discharge rod with built-in resistor ensures controlled and reduced discharge of live cables up to 100 kV. Resistor is 20 k-ohm and maximum capacitance is 20 uf. This resistance is acts as a current limiting and controlled discharge current. These rods are available in several sizes with voltages up to 100 kV and maximum capacitance is 20 uf.



High voltage devices such as Cables, Capacitors, Insulators, and Bus-bars will retain their charged energy after disconnection from supply or switching off it. Hard discharge rod is used to discharge such device.




Maximum discharge capacity up to 100 kV.


Damp discharge current limiting in built resistance.


Heavy duty hanging copper tip.


Flexible copper cable with heavy duty brass clamp or crocodile clips.


Maximum discharge capacitance up to 20 uf.


Robust fiber glass housing.


Rubber protection slip resistance grip.


Cushioned soft caring case to withstand severe transport jerks and shocks.


Technical Specifications



Max. Capacity 

Max. Working 
voltage (kV)




10 K Ohm


11 kV

32mm Dia x 750mm Length

1.65 kg


10 K Ohm


35 kV

32mm Dia x 960mm Length

2.2 kg


15 K Ohm

10 MFD

70 kV

32mm Dia x 1200mm Length

4.0 kg


20 K Ohm

10 MFD

100 kV

32mm Dia x 1800mm Length

4.5 kg


General specifications

  • Clamping tip : J or Y type
  • Material : Pultrusion fiber glass 
  • Operating Temperature :0 deg C to 55 deg C
  • Storage Temperature : 5 deg C to 60 deg C

Standard Accessories


5 meter copper yellow / green earthing cable


Caring case.


Standard Warranty - One Year