Cable Identification System CI-60



Cable Identification System is an essential item in the kit for fault location of underground power cable network.

It consists of Identification Transmitter, Identification Receiver and Identification Tongs. The system is used for identification of wanted cable from the bunch of cables in power cable network. 

The precise identification of a particular cable from a bunch is a common problem faced by technicians and cable jointers in every day practice.

The wrong identification of a power cable can result in catastrophic or fatal results if the cable is cut. This requires the most reliable system having no chance for wrong identification. Cable identification system incorporates all the safety features and gives 100% safe full identification of the wanted cable, and leaving no chance for an accident.



Cable Identification System can be effectively used to identify any power cable low, medium, high or extra high voltage single or multi core cable of any grade, size and insulation in any power distribution network companies.




Non destructive, simple, and easy system to use and understand the operation.


Identification of wanted cable from the bunch of cables in power network.


Suitable for single and multi core armored or unarmored power cables.


High Impulse current to offer reliable good result of identification.


Cyclical pulse repetition for precise cable identification.


Modulation control for a better result.


Operation on mains / internal battery supply.


Manual selectable sensitivity control receiver from minimum to maximum.


Rugged construction and easy to carry on site.


Hand held, small, flexible receiver with center zero galvanometer.


High pulse DC current up to 60 A.


Availability of special tongs as per customer's requirement.


Complete system is offered in a robust molded carrying case.


Working Principle 

The saw toothed impulses sent on the wanted cable to the far end are given return path to the sending end through the sheaths armors of all the cables. Current flow direction is monitored on all the cables. Direction of current flow in the wanted cable is in one direction whereas it is indifferent in all other cables. Thus the direction of the current flow identifies the wanted cable.



The Cable Identification System consists of Cable identification transmitter, Cable identification receiver and Cable identification Directional Tongs. The saw toothed impulses from the transmitter are fed into the cable which is to be identified. Identification directional Tongs applied on the cable receive them as DC impulse and are fed to the identification receiver unit. Direction of current of these impulses identifies the wanted cable. On wanted cable the center zero meter deflects on positive direction and on the unwanted cable it deflects in the negative direction.




Cable Identification Transmitter PG 60S


Power Supply

230VAC+10% AC, 50Hz Single phase or from built in-Accumulator with internal charging supply


Impulse Voltage

36 V


Impulse Current

60 A


Impulse Sequence I

2.5 s


Impulse Sequence II

2.5 and 1 s alternating



Analog moving coil meter for output current.
Charging Indication
Power on indication
Low battery Indication


Operating Time

10 Hrs. Continuous


Operating Temperature

0oC ~ 50oC


Storage Temperature

- 5oC ~ 55oC



242 (L) x 134 (W) x 245 (D) mm



5.3 kg Approx


Cable Identification Receiver PR 6



6 stages manually selectable from minimum to maximum.



Analog moving coil center zero Meter.


Operating Temperature

0 °C C ~ 55 °C C


Storage Temperature

- 5 °C C ~ 60 °C C



197 (H) x 108 (W) x 68 (D) mm



0.41 kg


Cable Identification Tongs CT 120 (Optional CT 150, CT 200)


Internal Diameter

120 mm



268 (L) x 160 (W) x 35 (D) mm



1.08 kg


Note: Special Tongs CT 150, CT 200 available on request


Standard Accessories


Mains Supply cord


Output connecting cables


Earthing cable


Standard Warranty - One Year

Other models available

Cable Identification System CI 60 ( Mains Operated)